Monday, April 5, 2010

brick oven bread proposed for phoenixville

Aiming to compliment the local community and assist with the Phoenixville's ongoing revitalization with fresh out-of-the-oven flavor, Jerry Sheehan's store, Brick Oven Bread and Cheese Shoppe, is slated to thrust open its doors by late April.

Already a bread provider for dinner rolls and ciabatta sandwich buns for a few doors down, Marly's Restaurant, Sheehan additionally increased his one-man show to three, adding local residents Andrew Reynolds and Ariel Cantara (seen above) to his gourmet team.

Together the trio will sculpt, brick-by-brick, the location's oven, under the guidance and expertise of Sweetwater Baking Co. of Camp Hills in Kimberton.

"Making the oven ourselves represents the philosophy behind us," suggested Reynolds. "We get our hands dirty to make our products ourselves, even the oven."

Bridge Street's newest business is also inspired to be a "Phoenixville business for Phoenixville," wishing to keep everything local, especially the ingredients, as well as keeping deliveries close-to-home.

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